Ruth Saunders

Kathy is a skilled and very knowledgeable equine nutritionist who cares deeply about ponies, horses and their wellbeing. Her background enables her to have a broad understanding of the myriad of feed products and supplements on the market and this, when combined with her assessment of the individual needs of each equine, enables her to […]

Rebecca Ballance

I met Kathy after she was recommended to me by my Vet.  I needed advice on a feeding regime for my son’s new horse, Breeze.  We had recently purchased Breeze and my son had started eventing with her.  We wanted to have a nutritious diet that allowed Breeze to have the energy to compete in all three phases but not be […]

Jill Owen

Kathy has worked for many years within the equine nutrition industry and now has pooled all her knowledge into her own independent advisory service. She has advised me on the feeding and latterly also the worming programme for my variety of horses, from children’s ponies to hunters and competition horses.  Her advice has allowed me […]

Dena Schwartz

When Kathy came out to see my mare, she took a very detailed history and weighed my mare on her portable weighbridge. Kathy is very knowledgeable and was able to give me excellent advice on a great many different feeds. She came up with some useful changes that have most definitely agreed with my mare. […]

Becky Kelly

I’ve had Kathy’s help and guidance on my horses’ diets coming up to 2 years now and can safely say it is real peace of mind knowing that they are both on the most suitable diet for them. They are both total opposites of the spectrum in terms of dietary requirements, a growing youngster and […]

Geri Eilberg

I met Kathy many years ago when she was working as a nutritionist for a leading feed company.   She impressed me at the time with her practical advice and knowledge gained through years of hands on experience.   We have become firm friends and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for some […]

Ann Duffield

Optimal nutrition is a critical component of training racehorses.  Kathy is extremely knowledgeable and always keeps abreast of all the latest research and how this can be utilised to keep me at the cutting edge.  She has many years of experience to draw on when faced with any questions I throw at her and always […]

Nicky Richards

I have known Kathy for quite a number of years now and have always valued her opinion and advice with regard to the feeding, health & welfare of my horses and I can only say that I hold her in the highest regard.  Nicky Richards, Racehorse Trainer, Cumbria

Richard Brooks

I have known Kathy for many years and value enormously both her independence and depth of knowledge when discussing equine nutrition. Eurobale has many high value customers and for us it is imperative that we get unbiased opinion and advice that we can rely on 100%? This is what you get from Kathy. Richard Brooks […]

Antonia Bealby

I asked Katherine Lawson from Equine Nutrition Solved for advice about my new horse, Austin. He is a sensitive soul who arrived slightly underweight and really lacking top-line. I was hoping to find a way to put weight and muscle on but not make him silly. I found Katherine to be very knowledgeable and her […]