Weigh, Score and Count Clinic

I shall be visiting Anglesey on 21st/22nd April for another Weigh, Score and Count clinic which proved to be very popular last year. This is how it works:

WEIGH – I weigh your horse on my portable weighbridge
SCORE – I condition score you horse on a scale from 1-9
COUNT – I perform a faecal egg count

Using the information obtained from the above measurements you will have al the information you need to plan and carry out your ethical Spring worming progreamme and save money on expensive worrming products if they are shown not to be needed.

£15/horse* – weigh, score and faecal egg count
£10/horse* – faecal egg count only

*2 or more horses per yard to qualify for these prices

If you would like to make an appointment, please contact me on 07850675831or via Facebook or my website – www.equinenutritionsolved.co.uk

Alternatively contact Jill Owen (Joint DC of the Anglesey Pony Club) on 07855663817 or Facebook